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Why did my envelope bounce-back/not send to my signer?

When sending envelopes out from Signable to your signers, they may sometimes bounce-back. When the envelope does bounce back, we’ll always let you know in an email with the reasons as to why. These reasons are usually due to your signer’s email server. Whilst we aren’t able to provide all bounce back reasons, we can explain the two most common that usually crop up for our users:

552 5.2.2 The email account that you tried to reach is over quota.”: If you are receiving this as a bounce back reason from trying to send an envelope out to your signers, this error message indicates that the inbox of the signer’s account is full or about to be full and mail could not be delivered to that account. Every email account has a fixed data storage space allotted to it, referred to as the ‘quota’, so removing some of these should aid them in receiving their envelope.

“The email address that you have sent this document to has unsubscribed from emails sent to them via Signable. Your client has clicked on our unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of our previous emails and so we are unable to send further emails to them.”: Just as the bounce back reason states, the signer has clicked the “Unsubscribe” button from within one of our emails that they received. If you are seeing this bounce back reason for why your envelope cannot be sent to your signer, you will need to contact our Customer Success team, so that they can re-subscribe them. You can contact them on 0800 612 6263 or email help@signable.app

Another common issue ‘though not an official “bounce back”, is a signer reporting that they have not received an email. This is due to a lot of email servers being rather sensitive and sometimes marking the email containing the envelope as spam, by the outbound spam filter. Or, inbound gateway restrictions may cause the signer’s servers to reject the message as a lot of servers like Gmail, Hotmail etc have safeguards.
Should you run into this problem, you will need to advise your signer to first check their Spam/Junk folder as some email servers will put their email in there. If they do not find the email within their Spam/Junk then they will need to add signable.app to their safe senders list on their email server. They can find help articles on how to do that on the internet.

Any bounce back emails that you receive like the above can be googled by simply pasting the bounce reason in Google’s search bar.