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What to do if an envelope bounces back?

You have sent an envelope out to your signer but the email is bouncing back? There could be a couple of reasons this has happened, so best to check each of these.

Has the signer unsubscribed? If so this will show in the reason of the bounce back on the envelope history. If your signer has unsubscribed then get in contact with one of the Signable team who can resubscribe the email address for you!

Check junk and spam mail. Signable works closely with mail providers to ensure that emails do not divert to junk/ spam mail but on some occasions it does still happen. The way around this is asking your signers to add @signable.co.uk to their safe senders list, this should prevent their mailbox filtering Signable emails into their spam/junk box.

Another area to check is the signer may have a full mailbox which is why their mail is bouncing the email back! Best to check there is room for their mailbox to receive your envelope.

Double check the email address entered is correct! May sound simple but we sometimes accidentally add an  additional letter or spaces, so always best to check!

If you do get any questions then do get in touch with the Customer team!