What payment methods do you accept & can I change or update my payment method?

Why of course you can! You might find switching from a credit/debit card payment option to a Direct Debit option suits you best, in order to avoid having to update details each time your card expires.

We accept all VISA & MasterCards.

Mastercard, Maestro, Visa

We also accept payment via direct debit on any of our plans.
Please note: we don’t accept American Express or AMEX.


Direct Debit Email Sceenshot

To change or update your payment method, just:

1. Head to your Company Profile page

2. Scroll down to ‘Your saved payment methods’

3. Here you can ‘Add’, ‘Remove’ or ‘Update’ a Direct Debit or credit/debit card

4. Ensure you set your desired payment method to the ‘default’ and the new option will be used for your next payment on monthly subscriptions



If opting to pay via Direct Debit, you will receive a confirmation via your accounting email address (you can check/update your current accounting email address on the ‘(Company Name)’s Profile’ page), as shown in the image to to the right.


Direct Debit Email Sceenshot 2




If you Remove the Direct Debit as a payment option or choose to instead set a credit/debit card as your default payment option, the Direct Debit will be canceled and, again, confirmed via email, as shown in the image on the left.





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Related questions

"Can I pay by invoice?"
 To keep things automated, we only accept payment via Direct Debit and credit/debit card.

"Can I pay by American Express/Amex?"
I'm afraid we don't support payment by American Express/Amex but all Visa/Mastercard are supported whether from the UK,USA or anywhere.