What is the Users & Teams feature?

Please note: Our Teams & Permissions features are available only on our Medium, Large, Corporate or Custom plans.

This feature allows you to control which parts of your Signable account your users can access. Without Users & Teams all users added to your account have the ability to make changes, which includes being able to update your company profile and billing information, add and remove users and also means each user can see any documents or templates created by other users.

When creating a new user (top right corner), you can then assign your users to ‘teams’. From here you can then determine each teams permissions, enabling you to restrict a users access to certain parts of your Signable account.

For example, as shown in the image to the right, you may want to create a Team called ‘General’ and ensure that anyone added to that Team can only see their own documents and only send out their own Templates. You may also want to prevent them from editing any company account settings, profile information and of course billing details.

Find out more about enabling or restricting permissions here.