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What is the ‘Company Settings’ tab for?

Within Signable you’ll notice we have different tabs as you log-in, on the left hand-side.
One of the tabs you’ll find is the ‘Company Settings’ tab. Here’s a quick guide to help you to understand what each section within ‘Company Settings’ is used for.

Company Profile – Manage all your company info such as telephone number, address, VAT number and emails.

Preferences – Customize the settings on your account such as signing page settings, notification and general email settings.

API & Webhooks – Set up your API key to integrate your system into Signable.
More info on our API can be found in our developer documentation here.

You can also setup your webhooks on this page, for you to be notified of different events. More info on webhooks can be found here.

Security – Set up your IP range for your company, so that users are restricted to where they can login from. Only available on our Large Business and Corporate plans.

Billing – Select which of our subscription plans you’d like to be on, as well as manage payment details and invoice history.

Integrations – Select one of our many integrations to link to Signable such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Data & Privacy – Export all of your Signable data such as Envelopes, Templates, Users and Contacts. You can also read up on our company policies.