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What happens if I exceed my plan limits?

Don’t worry – we’d never leave you hanging like that! We understand that some months are just better than others, so you’ve got a couple of options if you notice you’re fast approaching your monthly document limit.

Option 1: Enable Overages

Overages are our way of ensuring you have the option to continue to send out envelopes above your typical plan limit.

For example, on our Small Business plan, if you attempt to send out your 51st envelope with overages disabled, you’ll see a message saying that you can’t!

When enabled, you’ll be able to send uncapped envelopes out, however, you will be charged a fixed charge for each envelope over and above your monthly limit. For more information on the Overage rate, give reach out to our Customer Success team at help@signable.co.uk

Any overage charges incurred will be added to your next payment (and will be reflected on your invoice). If you’re on one of our annual plans, overages will be billed on the month anniversary of your billing date.

The most important thing is that your business won’t be affected if you send out more envelopes than your plan allows!

To enable overages, just:

1. Head to ‘Company Profile’ in the menu bar

2. Click ‘Billing’ in the top tab bar

3. Scroll down to where it says ‘Overages’, and select ‘Enable’ (it will be green when it’s enabled).  


Option 2: Upgrade your plan temporarily (or permanently)

If you find you are regularly exceeding your plan limits or don’t want to enable overages – you can adjust your plan, quickly and easily, at any time.

Should you upgrade to the next plan up but want to return to your usual plan at the end of your billing cycle, you can simply downgrade the day before your plan renews.

For more info on how to upgrade or downgrade your plan, check out our help article surrounding adjusting your plan.