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What can I do with the Signable App?

The Signable App (for iPad & Android tablets) allows you to:


Send out existing Templates

Send out your existing Signable templates on the go – with the option to password protect your document, send automatic reminders or set an automatic envelope expiry date.

Check on the progress of envelopes

View the document audit log in real time – allowing you to monitor each action action as it happens, from the moment a recipient opens the document, through ’til they’ve submitted the document!

Manage your envelope Library

Cancel or Expire envelopes, or send a reminder to your recipients with the option to filter your list of envelopes by status.



Download our free app:

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Related questions

”Do I need to pay to download the App?”
Nope! The Signable App is free to download.

”Can I send PDF files stored on my iPad or Android tablet, using the Signable App?”
Currently, it’s only possible to send saved Templates using the Signable App.

”Can I create or edit Templates from the Signable App?”
At the moment, you’ll need to design your Signable template from the web-platform.

”Can I install the app on my phone?”
Not yet! We’re working on it though. If you’d like us to get in touch with any updates on device compatibility of the Signable App, please drop us a line. 🙂