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What are party roles?


Roles determine how a party interacts with an envelope and can be set when sending a document – you now have a couple of options when adding parties to an envelope:


Defining a party as a ‘Signer’ will mean the party is required to ‘Submit’ the document after they have completed any required fields assigned to them.

Specifying you’d like a party to ‘Receive a Copy only’ simply copies the party in on the envelope, similar to the ‘CC’ function in emails. They won’t need to submit anything, but will have a PDF copy of the document arrive in their inbox. You can read more about copying parties in to envelopes here.


Once an envelope is signed, the party roles are highlighted in the PDF copy of the accompanying signature certificate, as shown in the image to the right.



Related questions

“Can I change the role of a party after an envelope’s been sent?”
It’s not possible to change a party role after the document has been sent – the best thing to do here would be to cancel or expire the envelope and re-send it.