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Users & Teams – What’s Changed?

Welcome to your brand-spanking-new Users & Teams!

You asked, we listened – and we’re pretty chuffed with the results. Many aspects will look similar to what was there before, some will look a wee bit different – but never fear, Team Signable are here to guide you through!

Now before we all go running off into the veritable bounty of new features, a bit of housekeeping! For our friends who’ve been with us for some time and have become accustomed to how everything works and looks on your Signable account, we’ve put together a quick outline for those wondering what exactly has changed.

Where have permissions gone?

Great question! Our old Teams & Permissions meant that the TEAM set the permissions for each user – whereas now, each individual user has a ROLE that corresponds to their level of access and permissions on the account. What are these roles? More on that here.

How did you decide who had which role?

Any pre-existing user under our former Teams & Permissions feature will have had their new User Role allocated as follows:

  • If you previously had access to any of the permissions for Company Settings, you’ll have been assigned the Super Admin role. Congrats!
  • If you previously had ‘Edit Users’ permissions, you will have been assigned the role of Admin. This is all very D&D.
  • If you were set to ‘Own Items Only’ or simply had no permissions set, your new role is currently that of the humble User. 

NOTE: If you had ‘Own Items Only’ set but also had higher permissions such as edit users or company settings, your new role will be equivalent to the highest permission you had!

API Default Sharing Settings

If you are an API user, you can now select which Users and Teams can edit envelopes created via the API. If you have been with us for a while and had users with ‘own items only’ permissions, this will be defaulted to be shared with the Legacy TeamAll items Editors to maintain the settings you had in the past (see below). You can change this setting in the web app, under the API & Webhooks tab.

Legacy – All Items Editors

What is ‘Legacy – All Items Editors’?

You may be looking through your new-look Teams tab and wondering what on earth we mean by ‘Legacy – All Items’, a very fair question! It’s an automatic Team we’ve created to help in transferring your old settings over to your new Teams! Any user that previously had access to all envelopes on the account’ will be included in this new Team. By default, all envelopes that were previously created and sent on the account will be shared with this Team, in order for them to continue to have full access to them, as they did before. Furthermore, this Team will automatically have all envelopes sent through the API shared with them as well. This can be edited under Company Settings > API & Webhooks – either selecting specific users/teams or selecting to be shared with Everyone. Going forward, they will appear as a Team that you can share your envelopes/templates with like normal (more info on sharing can be found here), however, we encourage you to create your teams as you see fit!

For ALL customers that were in a Team before this brand-spanking new feature got added, you will be set up as a ‘Legacy All Items Editors‘ team.