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Users & Teams: A How-To Guide

One of the most useful features that we have on Signable, is our Users & Teams functionality.
With it, you’re able to select which settings Users can view and edit via Roles, as well as this, the ability to select which Teams and individuals can have access to your envelopes and templates, too! Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the details and capabilities to Users & Teams:

(If you’re an existing customer and are wondering what we have changed compared to the old Users & Teams functionality, check out the what’s changed on Users & Teams guide)

User roles

First thing’s first – ALL accounts have User Roles – they are User, Admin and (drumroll please) Super-Admin. What’s the difference? Good Question:

  • User – This is your off-the-shelf, basic access user. They can create and send envelopes as well as create templates.
  • Admin – Someone’s moving up in the world! Anything a user can do, an Admin can too! Plus they get to create and edit Users & Teams on the account.
  • Super Admin – Think of it like the Lion King – everything the light touches and all that. Super Admin are our leaders, they have full access and control over the account – including access to billing information, branding, API, you name it. 

Adding a User

Let’s start with Users themselves. Adding users allows your colleagues to log onto your account and get to sending those vital documents, quick as a flash!

  1. To add a user, navigate to your Users & Teams tab, found on the left hand side of your Signable account.

  1. By default, you’ll land on the Users tab; here you’re presented with all of the current users on the account. Each user will show their Name, Email, any teams they may be a part of and their role (User, Admin or Super Admin)

  2. To add a user, look toward the upper right corner and you’ll see a ‘Create User’ button, click this.

  1. Here, you’ll be asked to enter your new user’s Name and Email Address (this will be used as their individual login to the account).
  2. You’ll also be asked to assign their role selecting from either User, Admin or Super Admin. Find out more about user roles. If you’re on our Medium Business plan or above, you’ll be asked to assign their team (don’t worry if you haven’t done that yet, you can leave it blank. Once you’re happy with the info you’ve entered – just click ‘Save User’

  1. Easy as that! Your new user will be sent a welcome email to their registered email address with a temporary password to log-in with. From there, they can cut out the faff and get your documents out!

Editing and Deleting users

Should you need to delete a user or edit their email, role or name in any way – simply find their user card

Select the card, and you’ll be met with a number of options, including options to Delete, Reset Password and Edit.

Selecting ‘Edit’ will take you to a familiar page, where you can edit their Name, Email, Role and Team – just like when you were creating the user, simple when you know how!

Creating a Team

OK, so you’ve got your users set up, but you need to keep HR separate from Sales lest a turf war starts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our Medium Business package and higher gives you the ability to create Teams! Creating a Team is easier than ever, allowing you to select full groups of users to make sharing access to envelopes and templates simpler!

  1. To add a team, navigate to your Users & Teams tab from within your Signable account, found on the main feature navigation panel.

2. You’ll be greeted by the Users tab by default, but clicking on the Teams tab (highlighted) will get you where you need to be.

3. Once on the Teams tab, you’ll see all of your current Teams. Toward the upper right hand corner you’ll see a ‘Create Team’ button – click away.

  1. You’ll then be asked to name your new team, while we always appreciate creativity here at Signable, we also advise you name it something that makes sense within the context of the group.
    Click the dropdown menu below ‘Invite Members to the Team’ and you’ll be greeted by a list of all of the users currently on the account. Click a user and they’re added. Click the dropdown again and rinse and repeat until you’ve got everyone you need (Missed someone? No fear, you can always add them later!)
  1. Click ‘Save Team and you’re off and away. Now you’ve got your shiny new team ready to go!

Sharing – Envelopes & Templates

We’re all taught from an early age – sharing is caring, that’s a given. But by default, all the documents you send will be viewable by you and you alone. However, on our new Teams feature – you can share any envelope you send either to Everyone, specific Users or even whole teams! For our smaller packages, you’ll even get the option to either keep it to yourself or share with the team at large. Pretty swish, eh?

Sharing Envelopes

  1. Log-in to your Signable account, from your Dashboard, click ‘New Envelope’, found in the top left corner. Select your documents as per usual, template or upload? Dealer’s choice!
  2. Click ‘Next Step’ and you’ll be taken to the Add Parties stage, this is where the fun begins. Just below the image of your selected documents, you’ll see this:

  1. Here’s a gentle breakdown of your two main options for sharing:
    • By clicking the ‘Share with Everyone’ checkbox – all users on the account will be able to see the document on their own logins, whether or not they can Edit or simply View the document will be dictated by what the main user has set. If you’re on Small Business or Pay As You Go – you will only be able to ‘Share With Everyone’ or keep the envelope private.
    • If you’re on our larger plans  – clicking the dropdown will allow you to select individual users or even whole teams to specifically share the envelope with. Furthermore, they will appear just under ‘This envelope is currently shared with:’ and will allow you to select whether the user or team can simply view or even edit (send reminders, cancel, change emails, so on) the envelope too. Gone are the days of all-or-nothing privacy settings – you can make sure access is given to those who need it!
  1. That’s the dramatic bit over! It’s back to adding your parties, fields and getting it where it needs to be. Click here for more info on creating envelopes!

Sharing Templates

So you’ve got your users set, and you’ve got Templates that you’re itching to share with your team – no fear, follow me!

  1. From your Signable account, click on the Templates tab – found in the main navigation menu. 
  2. Here you’ll be greeted by the Templates currently saved on the account, click the Template you’d need to share and you’ll be taken to a page with a number of options – one of these will be ‘Edit Sharing’, select this.

3. You’ll then be met with three options, ‘Private to Me’, ‘Share with Everyone’ and ‘Specific users and teams’ – while relatively self-explanatory, is worth explaining:

Private to Me: Only you (and any user that is a Super Admin) will be able to see and send this template
Share with Everyone: All users on the account will be able to see, use and edit this Template
Specific Users and Teams: This feature (available on the Medium Business plan and up will allow you to share this template with specific users or teams! You can even change the level of access each group or user has to the template. Here’s an example; below, we’ve got a Template where we need to share it with our whole team – so we’ve added Team 2 and given them ’Viewer’ access, in order to avoid sudden (and unexpected) edits! Whereas Jo Bloggs has been shared as an ‘Editor’ as they’re a manager for the team and will need to occasionally make edits to the Template on behalf of the team.

API Default Sharing Settings

If you’re sending envelopes out via the API, you can also edit who can view and edit these envelopes, too! Just head to Company Settings > API & Webhooks and then select the ‘Specific users and teams’ radio button at the top, followed by who you’d like to share with and then click the Save button.