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Uh oh. How do I reset my password?

Nowadays, we often find ourselves trying to remember 578936793 passwords, so there’s absolutely no shame in forgetting one every now and again! Luckily, you can easily reset your Signable password:

1. Make sure you’re logging in using the correct email address – often accounts are set up using an info@example.co.uk email rather than a username@example.co.uk email – could you be using the wrong email address?

2. If your login attempt fails, select ‘Lost your password?’

3. Enter the email address used for your Signable account

4. You will receive an automated email (as shown in the image below)

5. Click the link to generate a new password – this will be sent in a new email (as shown in the image to the left)

6. Log in using the new password included in the email (note: this is case sensitive!)

After resetting a password, it’s always a good idea to immediately amend this to something you’ll remember, you can do this by heading to ‘My Profile’, and entering a new password there.