Terminology: A few 'Signable-specific' definitions

We can appreciate that what we mean when we say ‘Merge field’ mightn’t be quite the same as how you’d perceive it – so, here’s a quick breakdown to make sure we’re all on the same page:


Envelope: The name for either single or multiple documents sent to a party (or parties) for signing.

Document: An uploaded PDF, Word or Excel file. A document can be saved as a template.

Template: A document uploaded to Signable which usually has fields added to it in place of variables. This is saved as a reusable document.

Party: A contact, either a signer or someone who’s sent a copy, that’s added to an envelope, Parties on Templates denotes that they have an action to complete and have to be set as a Signer when setting the Party Role on the send page

Field: A field which the party needs to enter information into. This could be in the form of text, dates, signatures, a file upload or by ticking a checkbox.

User: Someone who’s details are added to company account to be given their own access.

Company: The name of the company the account belongs to.

Team: A group of users with set permissions.

Contact: A person’s details who have either been added as a contact to the account (this used to be called clients), or a party’s details who have previously been sent an envelope.

Merge field: A customisation tool for text fields. These allow the sender to add extra info specific to a contact at the point of sending without having to make adjustments to the template or document each time. This is handy for things like dates, prices, names, etc.. Learn more about Merge Fields here.

Signature: The visual representation of a party signing an envelope.

Checkbox group: Multiple checkbox fields which have been assigned to the same group. This ensures a party can select just one option from that particular group.