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Sending a document: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sending documents to be signed electronically has never been easier with our system and this guide will take you through every step of the way!

Setting up your first envelope

An “envelope” is what we call document(s) you send via our system.
Click the top-right button, ‘Send Envelope’ to get started.

This will bring you to the document selection screen, where you’ll have the choice of choosing your templates or to upload a new document (or both!).
To select a template, just click onto it and it will outline in blue.
To upload a document you can either drag a file into the box or click into the space to open up your files.
You can remove any documents added here to by just clicking the ‘x’ icon to the right of the document title.

Once finished, click ‘Next Step’ down the bottom-right.

Adding parties

This is the party adding page where you’ll add in the signer’s information. Party#1 will be the signer that signs first as our system has a sequential signing order.

If you just want someone to get a copy of the document, then click the ‘receives copy only’ slider on the right, so that it turns green.

You can also add a personal message/covering letter for your signer, by clicking +Advanced Options and typing your message into the big space.
Clicking this will also open up the password protect option on the right, where you can password-protect your envelope just by clicking the slider bar and typing in a password. This will then require the signer to type in the same password, in order to access the envelope sent to them.

You can also add yourself as a party if you need to sign the document by clicking Add myself as a party (if you don’t need to sign, no need to add yourself, you’ll get a copy anyway).

To add another party click the ‘+’ button to the right and repeat the process.

Once you’re finished here, click Next Step down the bottom-right again.

Understanding your Overview page

Here is where you’ll see your selected documents in the envelope and the signers associated.

Underneath ‘your selected parties’ you will see a grey box. This is your envelope title where you can rename your envelope before it gets sent out.

Just under that you will see a Reminders button and an Expiry Settings button. Reminders allows you to setup an automatic email to be sent every so often to the signer, reminding them to sign. Expiry Settings allows you to set a date for when the envelope will expire and will no longer be signable(aye!) to the signer.

Lastly we have Add Fields and Preview. Add Fields is where the magic happens and our next step. It will allow you add the fields onto your document so that your signer can fill in information, sign, etc. Preview will allow you to view the envelope through the signer’s eyes to check your fields (we can come back to this once fields are added).

So click Add Fields and we’ll move on to the final step.

Adding your fields

Here is our final step of your envelope, where you can add in fields so that your signer can fill out information, sign, anything like that.

On the right-hand side are your fields. If you hover your mouse over them, you can see what each field is. To add a field, left-click the field, move your mouse over onto your document where you’d like the field placed and then left-click to place it down.

Clicking into a field that is placed on your document, will open up the field settings where you can title the field, choose who it is assigned to and other settings depending on which field you click into.

To get rid of a field attached to your mouse, click the red cancel button that will appear in the top-right, next to the yellow ‘A’ text box field icon.
To delete a field, you’ve got two options. Either click the field and then click the red trash icon that appears in the top-right next to the yellow ‘A’ text box field icon, OR simply right click the field in question and click delete from the field options

To move onto another page/document you’ve uploaded into the envelope, click on the image of another page to move to that.

The circular icons on the left with an initial in, are your parties that will be signing (or receiving a copy if selected). If you click onto their icon, any fields you then add, will automatically be assigned to that party.

To add any other parties you may have missed, just click the ‘+’ icon on the left.

You can preview this before sending out to your signers by clicking the blue arrow in the top-left to go back to Step 3, then simply click the Preview button again down the bottom of the page. 

Once you’re all done with your envelope, just go ahead and click Send Now in the top-right (this will be Send Envelope down the bottom next to Preview if you went back to Step 3)

That’s it! You’ve officially sent your first envelope!
To send another, just click Dashboard and repeat the above steps.

For more advanced options to get the most out of your electronic signatures, then take a look at our video course here!