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Recovering account details for your Users

Uh oh, one of your colleagues have locked themselves out? Fear not! As a Super Admin, you have full access to the account (Not sure if you are a Super Admin? Check if you can see the Company Settings tab on the left of the page when logged in. If so, you’re a Super Admin) as such, you’ll be able to generate recovery codes, and reset the 2FA connection for their Signable log-in.

Now, where do you go? From your Signable account, click Users and Teams and you’ll be met with a list of the users on your account. Like so:

Click the user in question’s name and you’ll be met with the User Card, this gives you a summary of the user’s information as well as a Security tab, select this. You’ll then be met with the options mentioned above, like so;

Reset 2FA: Used when a user has lost the phone with their linked authenticator app, they don’t have the recovery code and need to start again. This will reset the 2FA integration for this specific user, when they attempt to log in, they’ll be taken back to the page where they’re asked to link their authenticator app to Signable. More info on linking your authenticator app to Signable can be found here.

Generate Recovery Code
is used if they can still access the account but have lost access to the original recovery code. This will allow you to do exactly as it implies, you’ll generate a new recovery code to provide them.

There you have it, that’s what you can do for your colleagues as a Super Admin within Signable! If anything here is unclear, or you need additional clarity – don’t hesitate to reach out to us at help@signable.co.uk!