Warning: This article is in relation to our current app, available at https://app.signable.co.uk

We’ve changed a bit – Don’t panic!

We’ve changed a bit, but don’t panic!

You may have noticed from our social media and website that we’ve changed things, but wait, there’s nothing to fear. We just felt like the green was a bit much (we bet you did too).

What’s actually happened?

So we’ve opted to change our colour scheme and graphic style to something that fits Signable a little better. Everything will now have a hand-drawn style to fit with the nature of a signature and us as a company. Our employees and our customers are not all the same, we each have our own uniqueness, so we wanted our brand to reflect that.

Our colours are a little different too. While we’re not completely losing the green, we wanted another fab colour to take centre stage. So wherever you see Signable, you’ll be seeing a lot of blue from now on.

We’re taking control of our brand lifestyle too, which means more social posting about the team and Signable as a culture.


What’s the same?

Currently, the product itself will be exactly the same. None of your documents will be affected, and the process of signing and sending won’t have changed. However, change is inevitably coming…


What’s going to happen?

The change isn’t over, we like to think of it as evolution, which, if you know anything about Pokemon, you know is a good thing.

Signable as a product is under development, as we want our customers to have the best and most efficient eSignature software out there. Trust us, it’s going to be good!

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates!