Warning: This article is in relation to our current app, available at https://app.signable.co.uk

Signable has been reborn!

Signable has been reborn!

Signable is evolving! Our Signature app is going through some new changes to make things, improved, simpler and more presentable to help you send your envelopes quicker and easier.

What’s changed?

We decided it was time to give our Signable Signature App an upgrade. Based on customer feedback and our personal desire to make things a little more presentable and accessible we changed a few things around, giving you new features to explore and try out on your documents.

The layout and some of the functions of our App have changed and you’ll be able to test and experience this all through our New App, whilst still having the Old App for convenience. The Old App won’t be around forever though so make sure you get in there early and give the New App a test!

But don’t worry the New App will still provide all of the functions and features you know and love, but with a few extras and some neater presentation.


What’s the same?

None of your old documents will be affected by the update, they’ll all be carefully transferred over to your shiny, new library.  and you’ll be able to use and access all the features you are familiar with for creating and signing your documents. You are still able to create templates and upload your own documents ready for adding in fields for signing, however we’ve made it clearer what features are available and how to use them.


What’s going to happen?

These changes aim to make our app easier to use and quicker to make the changes you need to get your envelopes sent across to your other parties as soon as possible. Time is money and we want to help you save more by making our app more clear and responsive.

We have even bigger things to come in the future and we want to continue striving to be the best and most efficient eSignature software out there. Stay tuned over this next year!

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