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Is there a way to automatically expire an envelope after a period of time?

Yep! We’ve made sure you can determine how long a party has to sign an envelope before it automatically expires, saving you from; a) spending time expiring the envelope yourself and b) having to actually remember to do it.


1. Select an existing envelope in ‘Library’.

2. Click on the envelope title, and choose ‘Expiry settings’ on the Right hand side.


3. You can set a date you’d like the envelope to automatically expire on, or you can choose ‘Expire Now’.

Once the envelope has been sent, a message will be noted in the audit log noting that this envelope is set to automatically expire after the set period of time.

You cannot undo this action.


Related questions

“Can I ‘un-expire’ a document?”
Unfortunately once an envelope has been expired or canceled, whether manually or automatically, it’s not possible to reinstate it.

“Can I remove an automatic expiry period?”
Once set, it isn’t possible to remove an automatic expiry period.