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How to use 'dropdown menu' fields

As well as providing checkboxes for your signers to select their answers, we also have dropdown menu fields for you to make the most of, too!

Dropdowns can be added to both Templates and envelopes.
Once you’ve placed the dropdown field onto your document, click into it.

Your field editor should then pop up. Click on ‘Add Your Choices’ to get started.

Write in your dropdown choices in the ‘Add an item…’ box and hit Enter or press the ‘+’ icon, after each choice, as I’ve done above with mine.
You can also re-arrange the order of your dropdown choices with the arrow buttons highlighted above and can also remove choices, with the ‘x’

Once you’ve finished adding all your choices, click the red ‘X’ in the top-right of the Dropdown Choices box and then click onto your document to come out of field editor, and your choices will now be available for your signer to select.

Please note: Dropdown menu choices do not save for future use, like our Prefill Type feature.