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How to set up a Template and send it out.

Templates are extremely handy if you find you are sending the same documents over and over again. They’re easy to create and once set up, all you need to do is add your party details and you’re good to go!

Setting up your Template

Go to Templates on the left-side panel and then click New Template.

Click into the box to open up your files to select a document to upload, or just drag a file into the area.

You should now see the page where you can add your fields. This is the exact same as adding them in the last step of sending an envelope here.

Your parties are on the left hand-side. To add more, just click the ‘+’ icon and to edit the names of parties, hover your mouse over them and click the pencil icon. We always recommend naming your parties to correspond with their role in the template – tenant/landlord/client etc. This makes it a lot easier when assigning them to your party later on, which we’ll talk more about below.
When adding fields, make sure to have the correct party selected on the left as this is the signer the field will be assigned to.

You can rename a template at the very top. Just click the pencil icon to the right of the title to rename it and click the green tick to save the title.

Unlike sending an envelope, you only need to add your fields onto this template once and it will auto-save for next time.

Once your template is set up, we’re ready to send it out!

Sending out your Template

Click ‘New Envelope‘ on the top left of the page and select your template.
You can then click ‘Next Step’.

Now you can select your signing sequence.
If you select All-at-once signing, all signers will receive the envelope to sign at the same time.
If you select One-at-a-time signing, whoever is listed as Party 1 has to sign before it is sent to Party 2, and so on.
For more information on signing sequence, please click here.

Directly underneath is where you will add your party details, and assign them to their correct roles in the dropdown menu. For example, below I have added the name and email address for my client and I have also assigned them to the role of ‘Client’. This is to ensure the right person is instructed to sign the correct fields on the envelope. Once a role has been assigned, it will be crossed out.

For more information on roles, please click here.

Once you’ve assigned all parties their roles, click Next Step.

As we’ve used a template, we don’t need to worry about adding fields, so if you’re happy with everything here, go ahead and click Send Envelope.

And that’s it! Not only have you now sent your first envelope with a Template, but you’ve saved yourself even more time by adding a template to your account to send in future now, too!