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How to send a template that’s already been set up.

So you’ve already set your template up, now for the easy part – actually sending it!

Log into your account and select ‘New Envelope’ from the top left hand corner, seen in the image above. You can then choose one or more templates for your envelope and click ‘Next Step’.

The next step is entering your party email address and name. If you have selected One-at-a-time signing, add your parties in the order you’d like the envelope to be signed in. This means Party 1 will receive the envelope first. Once signed, it will automatically get sent to Party 2, and so on.
If you have selected All-at-once signing, you can add the parties in any order as all parties will receive it at the same time.
For more information on signing sequences click here.

To proceed to the next step, make sure to assign each party to their corresponding roles within the template. These roles correspond with the fields on the envelope, and would have been set up by you when creating the template. To do this, select the roles from the dropdown menu beneath each party’s name. For example, in the image above Party 1 is my client. I have matched their name and email address with their correct role. This means they will be instructed to sign any fields I assigned to ‘Client’.
For more information on assigning roles, please click here.

If you’d like to add a party to just receive a copy of the signed envelope, without signing anything themselves, click the ‘Receives copy only’ toggle. Please ensure to set this person as the final party if using One at a Time signing.

In this section you will also see ‘Advanced Options’ directly beneath the party name. This is where you have the option to add a personal message for your signers that will appear in the email they receive containing the envelope. For a guide on using personal messages, please click here.
You can also password protect your envelope if needs be, for more information please click here.

When you’re finished adding your parties and have assigned their roles, click ‘Next Step’ and you’ll be met with a screen similar to the image below.

Here you can set reminders to be sent to your signers or set an expiry date for the envelope.
You can even add more fields if you wish and preview the envelope to see how the first signer will view it. All of these are optional of course!

Finally, once you’re happy with your envelope just go ahead and click ‘Send Envelope‘!

For a step-by-step guide instead, you can check out our guide here.