How do I setup the Kashflow app?

Kashflow integration 1Integrating your Signable account with Kashflow gives you the ability to import your Kashflow contacts to your list of Signable contacts.


To get started with this integration just:

1. Login to your Kashflow account

2. Head to ‘Apps’, then ‘API Settings’ (as pictured in the image to the right)


Kashflow integration 2



3. Make sure the ‘Enabled’ box is checked and the ‘Restrict Access to specific IP addresses’ box is unchecked (as pictured in the image to the left)

3. Log in to your Signable account

4. Head to the ‘Apps’ tab

5. Click ‘Complete setup’ under the Kashflow logo

6. Enter your Kashflow sign in details

7. Click ‘Complete setup’, and you’re done!


Please note: Only Kashflow contacts with an email address noted will be synced. If they don’t have a full ‘Contact Name’, the email address will be used for the contact name instead. This can be adjusted once imported.



Related questions

”I don’t use Kashflow, do you integrate with any other accounting software?”
Not at the moment, though we do have a Zapier integration that will allow you to link Signable with a number of other Accounting software. Alternatively, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!