How do I setup the Dropbox integration?

Integrating your Signable account with Dropbox allows you to have all signed documents automatically uploaded to your Dropbox folder of choice for safe keeping.


To get started with the Dropbox integration just:

1. Head to the ‘Apps’ tab

2. Click ‘Setup’ under the Dropbox logo

3. Click ‘Connect to Dropbox’

4. Sign in with your Dropbox credentials

5. Click ‘Complete setup’

6. You’ll then be able to select the folder you’d like your signed documents to be saved to

7. Click ‘Complete Setup’ and voila!


Though do be sure to keep an eye on your Dropbox storage limits! 🙂

Please note: Only documents signed after integrating your Signable account with the Dropbox App will be saved to your Dropbox account.



Related questions

”I don’t use DropBox, do you integrate with another cloud storage provider?”
Not at the moment, though we do have a Zapier integration that will allow you to link Signable with a number of other cloud storage providers! Alternatively, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!