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How do I setup the Close.io integration?



Integrating your Signable account with your Close.io account gives you the ability to:

✅  Import your Close.io contacts to your list of Signable contacts

✅  Automatically add notes to your client history whenever an envelope is sent or signed via Signable

✅  Download completed copies of envelopes from within Close.io


To get started with this integration just:

1. Head to the ‘Apps’ tab

2. Click ‘Setup’ under the Close.io logo

3. Enter your Close.io API token

4. Click ‘Complete Setup’




Related questions

”I don’t use Close.io, do you integrate with any other CRM systems?”
We integrate with CapsuleCRM and we also have a Zapier integration that will allow you to link Signable with a number of other CRM systems. Alternatively, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!