How do I setup a Template and send it out?

Templates can be great for when you have to keep sending out the same document to different parties, as it will save you the hassle of adding fields every time and here’s how to set one up, in a few easy steps:

Setting up your Template

Go to Templates on the left-side panel and then click New Template.

Click into the box to open up your files to select a document to upload, or just drag a file into the area.

You should now see the page to add in your fields. This is where you can add in your fields like you would at the last step of sending an envelope here.

Your parties are on the left hand-side. To add more, just click the ‘+’ icon and to edit the names of parties, hover your mouse over them and click the pencil icon.

You can rename a template at the very top. Just click the pencil icon to the right of the title to rename it and click the green tick to save the title.

Unlike sending an envelope, you only need to add your fields onto this template once and it will auto-save for next time.

Once your template is set up, we’re going to send it out!

Sending out your Template

Click Send Envelope down the bottom-left.

Select your template by clicking onto it. (It should turn blue)
Now click Next Step.

Fill out your details for your parties as normal and you should see a drop-down at the bottom that says No Party.

Click this and you should then see all the parties you added onto your template when setting it up. All you need to do is match up the party role to the email of the person, so that our system knows who needs to fill in what when they receive the envelope.
eg ‘Tenant’ would be matched up to the tenant’s email.
Clicking a party role on the drop-down will cross the role out, so that you know you’ve assigned it to one of your parties already.

Once you’ve assigned all parties their roles, click Next Step.

As we’ve used a template, we don’t need to worry about adding fields, so if you’re happy with everything here, go ahead and click Send Envelope.

And that’s it! Not only have you now sent your first envelope with a Template, but you’ve saved yourself even more time by adding a template to your account to send in future now, too!