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How do I send out a template that I have already setup?

1. When logged into your account, click ‘New Envelope’.

2. Click ‘Select a template’ and choose one of your saved templates

3. Click ‘advanced options’ for password protect options & personal messages

‘Password protect document’ This will require the parties to enter a password before they are able to sign the document. The password is unique for each party and is sent to them in the same email they receive from us. This helps increase the security of your sensitive documents.

4. Enter the party details

Enter the party email address & name ensuring you’ve added the parties in the order you’d like the envelope to be sent *note all parties added on Templates have to be assigned as a Signer, if you require a party to receive ONLY a copy, slide the bar ‘copy only’ so that it becomes green.

5. Double-check the configuration of the fields positioned on your template

This is an optional step, but if you know your fields have been properly positioned when you set up your template, then you can skip straight to the next step!

6. Hit ‘Send Envelope!’

7. Reminders?

If you’d like to set up a reminder, to make sure you get the signatures you need when you need them. You can go into your sent document in your ‘Library’ and click on the envelope title. Then click the option ‘Set Reminder’. Then choose the regularity you want, or you can simply send a one off by clicking ‘Remind Now’.

For a step-by-step guide instead, you can check out our guide here.