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How do I send an envelope using the Signable App?

On the go, have a client rearing to sign up but need to have them sign your Terms and Conditions before you can close the deal? No worries – just open up the Signable App, select your Template and you’re good to go. ?




1. Log in to the Signable App

If you haven’t already downloaded this, you can find it here:

google-play-badge  Download on the App Store


2. Select the Template icon from the main menu (circled in red in the image to the right)

3. Tap directly on the template you want to use, and select ‘Send Template’






4. Confirm any additional send options

To have your document signed ‘in-person’ make sure you enable this using the toggle next to ‘In Person Signing Required’ (as pictured in the image to the left).

5. Add the party email address, name and optionally, a personalised message and make sure you’re happy with the signing order

    ⚡️ Quick tip – Select ‘Add myself’ to auto-fill with your email address and name

6. Hit ‘Send document to these clients’ and you’re done!




Related questions

“Can I send a document without having to enter a party email address?”
An email address must always be entered to ensure Signable can automatically send a copy of the confirmation email (which includes the PDF copy of the completed document) to all parties.

“Can I disable the requirement to take a photo of the signer?”
It’s not possible to disable this, though what you take a photo of to verify the identity of the signing party is entirely up to you!

“Can I use the App offline?”
You will need to be connected to the internet to use the App.