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How do I search for documents sent within a date range?

When you’re sending out envelopes every day, it can sometimes be difficult to locate certain ones when scrolling through,
so that’s why we’ve added a feature to filter by date ranges on Library.

So to start off, click the Library tab on the left-side panel.

Once on Library, you’re going to want to click the search bar at the top.
This will then show you all the filters you can filter your search by, to allow a smooth journey on finding an envelope in your Library.
For this guide, go ahead and click Date Created.

You should now see a calendar that you can navigate through to select your date range.
Clicking the ‘<‘ and ‘>’ arrows will allow you to navigate through the months, whilst clicking the ‘<<‘ and ‘>>’ arrows will allow you to navigate through years.

Once you’ve found the dates you’d like to filter by, go ahead and click on them so they highlight in blue.

Your Library should now be changed to just show all envelopes within that range and all statuses including Draft, Sent, Signed, etc.

You can also then filter your search with an additional filter such as Status and then clicking on which envelope status you’d like to filter by, to make your search even easier eg Sent to see all envelopes within your date range that still need to be signed.