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How do I resend an envelope/send a reminder?

Even though Signable has been designed to be as easy as possible for signers to use, sometimes they do need a gentle poke (or a reminder!). The best part? You can send them in multiple ways!

From the Dashboard or Library, click into the envelope’s title, to be taken into the Envelope Status page.

Look to the bottom-right (under the thumbnail) and you’ll see Resend Now. Click this and you should see the below.

You’ll be met with a pop-up window asking you to confirm your selection. To send a manual reminder instantly, go ahead and click ‘Resend Now’.

Your signer will now be sent a new email into their inbox for their envelope, without you having to spend another envelope/credit.


Within your Library itself, you can hit the same ‘Resend Now’ option without having to click into the Envelope History. Click the ‘Resend Now’ button found underneath the envelope title – confirm your choice and a brand new envelope will be sent to your errant signer!

If you’d like to follow a guided tour on how to send a reminder from within the Signable app, click here.