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How do I rename a Template?

Accidentally typed in the wrong name for your template or the template’s title is a file name you didn’t want? No need to start again! You can rename your Template and here’s how:

If you’re not already on there, click into ‘Templates’ and then select the template you want changed and hit ‘Edit’.

At the top of your template, you’ll see the title. Click the pencil icon, highlighted above, to edit this title.

Remove the title and rename it to the one you feel works best for this and then click the green tick. If you start changing the title and realize it’s the wrong template or you no longer wish to change it, just click the red x and the title will revert back to the original you had.

Once you’ve clicked the green tick, a message will appear down the bottom-left of your screen, informing you that the change was successful and you should also now see that new title at the top.