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How do I remove the envelope password from the email?

As you may know, Signable allows you to add an extra security measure for your envelopes, by making them password-protected.
This makes sure that your signers add your provided password from their email, in order to unlock the envelope to view the documents, as seen here

However, if you are on a subscription plan, you will have access to our Branding feature and can actually remove this password from your email, so that you can share the password with your signer yourself, via sms, email, Whatsapp etc.

Here’s how to remove the password:

Head to Branding on the left and then click into your Email Template, ‘Signature request (with password), as highlighted above.

Scroll down until you find the variable, {contract password} and remove it. Once you’ve done this, click Save Template. You will also need to do the same for your Email Template, ‘Reminder of signature request (with password).

Please note: You will need to remember the password set for each envelope and these changes will affect all Users on the account, when sending envelopes out. You can add the password back in, by either adding the variable {contract password} again or clicking ‘Reset Email’