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How can I have an envelope signed ‘in person’ using the Signable App?


1. Log in to the Signable App

If you haven’t already downloaded this, you can find it here:

google-play-badge  Download on the App Store


2. Tap the ‘Send Document’ button, and the select your template from the drop down menu (as pictured in the image to the right)

At the moment, only saved templates are supported – to upload a new document or make changes to a template, you will need to access Signable via a PC.







3. Confirm any additional send options & ensure you have enabled ‘In Person Signing Required’ (as pictured in the image to the left)

4. Add the signing party email address, name and optionally, a personalised message and make sure you’re happy with the signing order

    ⚡️ Quick tip – Select ‘Add myself’ to auto-fill with your email address and name

5. Hit ‘Send document to these clients’









in-person sginature



6. You will be redirected to the signing page where the party will need to tap directly on the fields to complete them

7. Once the progress bar is at 100%, the party will be able to hit the ‘Complete’ button in the top right-hand corner





in-person second signer


8. To confirm the identity of the signing party, you will then be asked to capture a photograph

9. If there are further parties that are waiting to sign the same document ‘in-person’, just head back to your document Library, tap on the document title and then tap ‘Sign Document’, (as pictured in the image to the right)

10. Once all parties have submitted their signature, each party will receive a confirmation email with the completed copy of the document attached as a PDF file.



Related questions

“Can I send a document without having to enter a party email address?”
An email address must always be entered to ensure Signable can automatically send a copy of the confirmation email (which includes the PDF copy of the completed document) to all parties.

“Can I disable the requirement to take a photo of the signing party?”
It’s not possible to disable this, though what you take a photo of to verify the identity of your signing party is entirely up to you!

“Can I use the App offline?”
You will need to be connected to the internet to use the App.