How do I enter details on my document before I send it?

If you’re a visual learner – check out our video tutorial on using merge fields  here!

Uploading a unique document for each client is a bit of a pain, especially when your documents are exactly the same, save for a tiny piece of data like a price or a company name. Using merge fields allows you to upload one document, identify the variable information, and add this to the template when sending it.

When sending out a template set up with merge fields, the merge fields will appear on the ‘Send Envelope’ page. Start typing a contact’s email address into the ‘Party email address’ field and, if you have added them before, Signable will auto-populate any previously entered merge field data.

How do I create merge fields on documents?

1. Select or create a ‘Template’ 

2. In Fields drop on a new text field, or select an existing one

3. In the Configuration field box, find Merge Fields and click the button labelled ‘Assign’

4. Select an existing merge field or ‘+ Add new merge field’

5. When sending the document, you will be prompted to enter the value for all merge fields.

6. Click ‘Next Step’ to be taken to page to enter the value for all merge fields.

Any Merge fields you leave empty will become required fields for the party.

Which party should I assign a merge field to

It’s up to you! Though if you assign a merge field to the party the data is relevant to, the data you enter when sending the template will be saved against their email address. The party won’t be able to fill in a merge field unless you’ve left this blank when sending your template.

Do I need to create a contact beforehand?

Not at all. When you send a document you can add the contact’s email address, name and complete any merge fields the document has. If this contact doesn’t already exist they are automatically added (along with their particular merge field data) to your contact list!