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How do I enter details on my document before I send it?

If you’re a visual learner – check out our video tutorial on using pre-fillable fields here!

Uploading a unique document for each client is a bit of a pain, especially when your documents are exactly the same, save for a tiny piece of data like a price or a company name. Using ‘Prefill Type’ allows you to upload add text boxes onto a Template and add information into them, before sending it out to your clients.

How to set up Prefill Type:

Open up the Template you’d like to use Prefill Type on and add a text box field.
Click into the text box field and you should see the field editor panel appear at the bottom of your screen.
Under ‘Prefill Type’, click +Assign.

From here you’ll be presented with the above. ‘Search prefill types’ will be used in future, to help you find the Prefill Types you’ve previously made.
To create a new group, click into the ‘Add prefill type…’ box and then name it what needs to be typed into the box eg “Name” and then press the blue ‘+’ to the right of that box to add it.

You should now see your newly added prefill type, highlighted in blue, with a tick next to it.
This means that this specific prefill type is now assigned to this specific text box, so now go ahead and click ‘Assign’ on the bottom.
Please note: It doesn’t matter who you assign the Prefill Types to, so long as you make sure to fill them in on the next step.

Once you’ve sorted all your pre-fillable fields out, go ahead and start your send envelope process, by clicking ‘New Envelope’ like you usually would and follow the process through.
After the step where you add your party’s information in, you’ll be presented with the above step.
This is where it will show you all of your Prefill Types and all you need to do is click into the boxes and start typing in the information.
Please note: Any prefill type boxes you leave empty, will be sent to the assigned party to fill in.

And that’s all there is to it! Your information you filled into your Prefill Type boxes, will now be transferred onto the document. You can view how this will look for your signer by clicking ‘Preview’ on the final step.