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How do I cancel an envelope?

Just realised you accidentally dropped a ‘0’ off your sales quote?!  Don’t panic, you can cancel the envelope with just a couple of clicks.

1. Head to your ‘Library’

2. Find the envelope you want to cancel and click on the title.

3. Click the ‘Cancel Envelope’ button on the bottom right of the page (Alternatively, if you are on the Dashboard you can simply click ‘Cancel’ underneath the chosen document.)

Cancelling an envelope will send an email to all parties who have received the envelope previously. Any assigned parties (including those who have been copied in) that haven’t yet been sent the envelope won’t receive any notification of the cancellation. If you want to cancel an envelope without sending notification to assigned parties, you can instead expire the envelope.

Please note: To cancel an envelope it must still be ‘In Progress’ and you will still be charged for the cancelled envelope.

Related questions

“Is there a way to cancel an envelope without notifying the recipient?”
Yes! You’ll just need expire the envelope instead.

“Will cancelling an envelope refund the credit?”
Cancelling a document will not refund the credit used to send it, so it’s always a good idea to give a document a ‘once over’ before you hit send!

“Can I ‘undo’ this action?”
Once cancelled, an envelope status cannot be reverted, so make sure you’ve got the correct envelope before cancelling it!