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How do I assign a user to a team?

Please note: Our Teams & Permissions features are available only on our Medium, Large, Corporate or Custom plans.

By default, all users will be added to a team called ‘General’ which has all permissions enabled. 
Once you’ve created your Team here, you’ll need to pop the Users into the Team and here’s how you do it: 

Click on ‘Users & Teams’ on the left-hand side panel and you’ll see all of your Users on your account. Now click onto the User you’d like change the Team on.

Once you’ve clicked onto the User, you’ll see the above box. Under ‘Team’, you’ll see a drop down. Click this and it will show all the Teams you have added, plus the ‘General’ one that is automatically on there.

Once you’ve chosen the Team you’d like for that User, go ahead and click ‘Save User’ to save the changes.

And that’s all there is to it! Do that for each User and you’ll have their permissions edited in no time!