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How do I add a template to my account?


There are two ways you can send envelopes out to a party; either by uploading a new file every time you want to send an envelope out or by sending a re-usable template.

Templates are ideal for documents that have very few (or no) variables when sending to different recipients. Common examples include non-disclosure agreements, terms and conditions and terms of business.


Why set up a template instead of uploading each time?

The main reason is to save your business precious time! Once the template is setup, your users just need to select the template they want to send, fill in the party details, complete any merge field information and click Send! They won’t need to drag on any fields or reformat, making an already speedy alternative to traditional document signing, even speedier. 👍🏽

Using merge fields allows you to adjust small bits of information on the template and make it specific to each party. When sending out a template, if you have any merge fields, you will be prompted to complete these prior to sending the document to a party.


OK, you’ve sold me – How do I create these magical templates you speak of?


This is an easy process and requires just a few minutes, depending on how many fields you want to add to your template.



1. Click ‘Add a New…’ and select Document template‘ 

2. Enter a document title and click ‘Locate your document’

3. Select the document from your desktop and wait to be redirected

We currently support portrait orientation PDF, Word and Excel documents, as covered here

4. Add the required parties

We recommend using generic party names (i.e. ‘Tenant’ & ‘Landlord’ or ‘Sender’ & ‘Signer’)

5. Add the Signable fields

Drag and drop fields from the green toolbar to the right on to the document and configure these according to your requirements

6. Hit ‘Save Changes’ and your brand spanking new template is ready to send!




More of a ‘visual’ learner? Check out our video tutorial on uploading and customising a template 👉 here!