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How do I add a new user to my account?

One of Signable’s biggest points of difference when comparing Signable to other electronic signature providers (aside from our brilliant team) is the ability across all of our plans to create an unlimited number of users for one account, at no extra cost. This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

User flexibility: If someone leaves your company, you can remove their user account without having to change a central password

Improved Security:  First & foremost, you don’t have to share one user account for everyone in your company! You can also assignusers into ‘Teams’, with the option to restrict access to certain areas of your Signable account for each ‘Team’

Increased Accountability: You can easily identify which user sent out an envelope

To add a user to your account, just:

1. Head to the Users & Teams tab

2. Click Create a User

3. Enter the name of your new user

4. If you already have Teams set up, select the relevant Team from the drop down

5. Enter the new users email address

6. Click Save user

7. The new user will receive an automated email from Signable containing a randomly generated password, which they will need to use when they log in for the first time, and will be prompted to replace this once they have accessed their account.