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How do I add a new party to a template?


You may need to add one or (many) more signing parties to an existing template. This is possible and, once set up, can be used to save oodles of time when sending out envelopes.


To do this, just follow the steps below:

1. Go to your list of ‘Templates’

2. Click ‘Update’ next to the template you want to add a new party to.

3. Above the document, you will see ‘Viewing the document as:’

4. Click ‘Add party’ and name the new party – generic party names are recommended for template flexibility (i.e. ‘Landlord’ & ‘Tenant’)  

⚡ Tip – Add the parties in the order you would like the document to be signed.

5. Drag on the fields you’d like the new party to complete, ensuring these are assigned correctly by clicking on the field and checking ‘This input is for:’.

6. Click ‘Save changes’ on the right hand side


Now, when you attempt to send out the template you will be prompted to enter the details for two (or more) parties.


More of a ‘visual’ learner? Check out our video tutorial on uploading and customising a template 👉 here!