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2FA & You: Enabling, Disabling and Recovery

In order to enable 2FA for your personal Signable log-in, you’ll need to navigate to My Profile whilst logged into Signable. You’ll see your profile information and below that will be the Security sub-section. Clicking Enable will enable 2FA for your individual login!

Once you click Enable, you’ll be asked to link your 2FA enabled Signable account with an authenticator app of your choosing. For more information on Authenticators and how to link them with Signable, click here. From this point, the world’s your oyster! (Of course, your mileage with this will extend as far as your enthusiasm surrounding eSignature security)

You’ll have three options: Disable, Reset and Generate Code, as below:

In order to utilise any of these options, you’ll have to have your password handy.

Disable will allow you to disable the 2FA for your individual login (Note: You will not be able to disable 2FA on your individual user if 2FA is enabled for the account at large, more info on enabling/disabling 2FA for the account can be found here).
Reset will reset the 2FA integration, you’ll be taken back to the page where you are asked to link your authenticator app to Signable – particularly handy if you’ve lost access to the phone with the linked authenticator and the recovery code. More info on linking your authenticator app to Signable can be found here.
Generate Code
will allow you to receive a new recovery code, used when you’ve lost the recovery code specifically but don’t want to reset the 2FA integration itself.

Final thing to remember – if you’re locked out of Signable and can’t access these settings, ask your account’s Super Admin! They’ll be able to reset and generate new codes for you. You’re the Super Admin? We can help, just reach out.

Just like that, you’ve got the skinny on security in Signable! If you’ve got any further questions (or just fancy a chat), don’t hesitate to give us a bell at help@signable.co.uk or on 0800 612 6263 and we’ll do what we do best – support you!