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Enabling/Disabling 2FA – Full Account

From your dashboard, you’ll need to go to Company Settings, from here, click the Security tab. It’ll look something like this:

From here, simply click the toggle that will say ‘Disabled’ and hey-presto, you’re 2FA Enabled! The next time you log out of the account, you and any of your users, will be prompted to link your 2FA enabled Signable account with an authenticator app of your choosing! For more information on Authenticators and how to link them with Signable click here. Once you’ve set up the 2FA via an authenticator, you’ll be asked to enter a code each time you log-into Signable. It’ll look a little bit like this:

Disabling 2FA is as simple as clicking the toggle that now says ‘Enabled’ and it will turn off the 2FA requirement for all users.

It’s worth noting here that when 2FA is enabled on the account, it is mandatory for all users to activate. If disabled on the account, the user’s 2FA will remain active however now, they have the option of disabling.