How do I edit the permissions for a team?

Please note: Our Teams & Permissions features are available only on our Medium, Large, Corporate or Custom plans.

To change the permission of a team, head to the Users & Teams tab, and from there click the Teams tab. Once your team pop ups you can now select and deselect the permissions for the users assigned to that team. Once finished click Save Team.

Own documents/templates only

Ticking this permission restricts the users assigned to this team from viewing any envelopes or templates created by other users.

Users and teams

There must be at least one team set up, at all times, with this permission. Ticking this permission allows users in this team to add, remove and edit users within a company account, as well as manage the permissions of  other teams.

White label branding

Ticking this permission enables users assigned to the team to control the account branding options and settings. This includes editing all the emails that go out from your account, uploading logos and customising the signing page that your signers see.


Ticking this permission allows users within a team to install, edit and uninstall apps on the account. All of the Apps we currently support are listed on our Apps page.

Account settings

Our Settings page allows you to customise advanced details about your account, including restricting the type of signature that your signers can complete and email notification settings. Enabling this permission will allow users in the team to alter these settings.

Company profile

This permission gives access to the Company Profile page which also includes managing API access and all the billing information, enabling this permission will allow users in the team to alter these settings..