Do you have a referral scheme or some way for me to refer new customers?

Make it Rain with Signable

Signable is not only the quickest and easiest way to get your documents signed online, but now you can also make a bundle of money in the process by referring your friends, family and contacts. Alternatively, harness the power of the Internet by turning your website visitors into money!

You can earn 10% commission on any referral that ends up becoming a paid customer through your referral (and you’ll continue earning commission every month, for their first twelve months!).

SWEET! So, how do you calculate the commission? And where can I keep track of the dosh I’m earning?

The account you refer will need to sign up via a unique link associated with your Signable account – there are a number of ways you can direct people to this link, you can find out more about the options available by heading to our Referral information page. (Make sure you’re logged in to your Signable account first!). We’ll then automatically calculate 10% of anything they spend within the first 12 months.

To find out what you’ve earned, just log in to your Signable account and head to the Referral overview page in the top menu – you’ll see how much commission you’ve earned, and which account the earnings relate to. Here, you can also specify the amount you’d like your earnings to reach before we pay this into your PayPal account.