Can I search for envelopes in Contacts?

Yes! As well as searching in Library, you can also search for envelopes by a party’s name or email in Contacts. Click the Contacts tab on the left, to open up your Contacts section. 2. Type in the party’s name or email in the search bar at the top and hit Enter, or press the […]

How do I remove a field I have added to my document?

Added a field and unsure on how to remove it? No problem this short help article will take you through the steps of how to do this! Firstly you need to make sure you have clicked on the field you want to remove so that it is highlighted, like the below image. Once you have […]

Want a chat with one of the Customer Success team? Get a call booked in!

The customer success team are happy to help answer any questions you may have and love helping customers get started! If you have something specific you want to chat to us about than  you can select from the below links. Just click on the link and get your time booked in and one of the […]

Can I select a different language to be used on my account?

Yes! Signable has gone international! If you are looking at using Signable for your own language than we may have this available for you. We now have the following languages available to be enabled on your account: English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, French, German.    To enable the language of your choice, you can do this […]

We’ve changed a bit – Don’t panic!

We’ve changed a bit, but don’t panic! You may have noticed from our social media and website that we’ve changed things, but wait, there’s nothing to fear. We just felt like the green was a bit much (we bet you did too). What’s actually happened? So we’ve opted to change our colour scheme and graphic […]

New Signing Page

We’ve been updating a few things. Which means the signing page in your Signable account will look a little different… For a quick run through, we have a short video below    

When it’s slightly more technical

So, for those more technical situations, we do sometimes need to refer to our technical guru’s, email,phone or LiveChat are a good way to start the conversation. Don’t think you are being fobbed off, if we say we have to speak to the team -we really do !  not only to get your question answered […]

Search Envelopes by User

Handy new feature from the Development Team which will help all customers that have lots of Users on their account. You can now search documents sent by each User. To do this, head to your Library, you can still use the Filters such as Completed, In Progress, under the search field you will now see the Default […]

What is the IP Allowlist Feature?

A feature that has been added to all plans from Large Business upwards is the AllowList option. This means you can set up an allowlist of IP addresses so that your team can only access their accounts whilst on your network. To enable this, head to your Company Profile at the top of the page, […]

Can an envelope be Rejected?

Signers now have the option to Reject an envelope. From the Signing page there is an option to Reject if this is selected the Signer will have to state a reason for rejecting, this will then be sent to the Company email registered on your Signable account. Once an envelope is Rejected by a party […]