How do I send out a template that I have already setup?

1. When logged into your account, click ‘Send document now’ 2. Click ‘Select a template’ and choose one of your saved templates 3. Click ‘Click here to set reminder, expiry and password protect options’ to apply any additional send options, these include: ‘Password protect document’ This will require the parties to enter a password before they are […]

When dragging on signing fields, how do I customise them?

  Want to make sure your client doesn’t breeze past the ‘Contact phone number’ section of your form? We’ve got you covered 😉 When you drag a new field onto either a new envelope or new template, a ‘Configure Field’ popup box will appear (as shown in the image on the right), giving you some options to configure the […]

How do I enter details on my document before I send it?

If you’re a visual learner – check out our video tutorial on using merge fields 👉 here!     Uploading a unique document for each client is a bit of a pain, especially when your documents are exactly the same, save for a tiny piece of data like a price or a company name. Using […]

Adding ‘file upload’ fields to my document

You can add ‘File upload’ fields to any template or document by simply dragging this from the green toolbar onto your document. 🙌🏽 These fields can be placed anywhere in your document and behave exactly the same as any other field. To make it easier for your signers, you may want to add some text to […]

Video Tutorial: Uploading & Customising a Template

Want to make your life just a little easier with templates you can send over and over? We’ll show you how to: Upload your document Add your fields & parties Add any merge fields (so you can personalise for each client)

Video Tutorial: Using merge fields

So you’re feeling pretty comfortable with Signable and want to take things to the next level? 😉 Watch the video below to check out: What Signable merge fields are How these fields work How to turn a text field into a merge field   Making the most of Signable: Using merge fields