How do I remove a field I have added to my document?

Added a field and unsure on how to remove it? No problem this short help article will take you through the steps of how to do this! Firstly you need to make sure you have clicked on the field you want to remove so that it is highlighted, like the below image. Once you have […]

What to do if an envelope bounces back?

You have sent an envelope out to your signer but the email is bouncing back? There could be a couple of reasons this has happened, so best to check each of these. Has the signer unsubscribed? If so this will show in the reason of the bounce back on the envelope history. If your signer […]

Can an envelope be Rejected?

Signers now have the option to Reject an envelope. From the Signing page there is an option to Reject if this is selected the Signer will have to state a reason for rejecting, this will then be sent to the Company email registered on your Signable account. Once you have selected to reject the document […]

How do I add an IP address to the Allowlist?

If you’re on a Large Business plan or above, you’re able to add IP addresses to the Allowlist. This means you can set up an allowlist¬†of IP addresses so that your team can only access their accounts whilst on your network. To add IP addresses to your Allowlist: Head to ‘Company Profile’ on the menu […]

Contact our Signable Tech Gurus

If you’ve not found what you’re looking for here, give our technical gurus, Our Customer Success Team, a bell. You can contact via: Live Chat – A pop-up chat available across our website (see right-hand corner of the page). Email – Phone – 0800 612 6263 No issue is too big or too small, […]

Signing Page

Been sent a contract to sign but don’t know where to start?  Let’s tak you through how to electronically sign a document with Signable’s signing software.