Beginner to advanced – Video course

Want to get the most out of your Signable account? We’ve got so many features you might not have had a go at yet, and trust us, you’re missing out! Watch through our video series below to leave no stone unturned! 1. Beginner’s guide to sending a document   2. Guide to signing a document, […]

Can I get a direct URL to the signing page?

Setting up Widgets Updated your standard Terms & Conditions and need to send the new version to all of your clients to sign, individually? Signable Widgets allow you to generate a direct URL to the signing page for a saved template which you can then send to your clients via means that suit you. To […]

How to use 'dropdown menu' fields

As well as providing checkboxes for your signers to select their answers, we also have dropdown menu fields for you to make the most of, too! Dropdowns can be added to both Templates and envelopes.Once you’ve placed the dropdown field onto your document, click into it. Your field editor should then pop up. Click on […]

Video Tutorial: Beginner's guide to Signable

New to the exciting world of electronic signatures and need a little guidance? Watch the video below for the dummies guide to sending your first document… Formatting & adding your document to send your first envelope How to add parties How to add fields Where to view your envelopes  

What is the 'Branded Emails & Signing' feature?

Put simply, this feature allows you to:         You can also make adjustments to the wording and appearance of the automated Signable emails your parties receive,  ensuring they’re reflecting your business’s identity and communication style. You can edit both the HTML and plain text versions for almost every automated email sent via Signable. You’ll […]

Terminology: Signable dictionary

We do use some industry-specific wording, but our aim is to cut the jargon, so here’s our Signable Dictionary… If you’re still stuck please speak to our Customer Team via these methods.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

One of the best things about our plans, is the flexibility – Slow month and sending fewer envelopes? No problem! Business booming and your volumes have doubled? Great! Here’s how to upgrade OR downgrade your plan: Head to ‘Company Settings’ on the bottom-left, then click ‘Billing’ at the top, as highlighted above. You should now see our […]

What are Signable Tags?

Signable Tags are our way of allowing you to add text tags to your document before uploading it to Signable. We will then automatically grab these tags and replace them with the relevant field (signature, date, text or checkbox). *Scroll down for instructions One thing to remember when adding Tags to your document, is to […]

Can the document be edited after the envelope has been sent?

Unfortunately it isn’t currently possible to edit the document in an envelope after it has been sent out. Once the envelope has been sent, the document cannot be changed by either the sender or the signing parties to ensure that neither party can make unauthorised changes. The editing of a signed contract without authorisation is seen as fraud […]

How do I enter details on my document before I send it?

If you’re a visual learner – check out our video tutorial on using pre-fillable fields here! Uploading a unique document for each client is a bit of a pain, especially when your documents are exactly the same, save for a tiny piece of data like a price or a company name. Using ‘Prefill Type’ allows […]