Can parties sign the envelope in a certain order?

They most certainly can! We often find that our customers want to ensure a certain section of their document is completed by one party before it arrives in the inbox of another – so when sending a document to multiple parties, just ensure you’ve added to party details in the order you’d like the envelope sent! Simply […]

Can I ‘self-sign’ a document through Signable?

Just received an agreement but don’t have the time to (or don’t believe in!) print, sign, scan, attach and email it back? Just follow the steps below to add your own signature to a document: 1. Head to ‘Send Envelope now’ on the bottom left of the sidebar. 2. Click ‘Upload a Document’ and select the file […]

A signing party hasn't received the document email?!

– Deeeeeep breath – While this happens from time to time, party email issues usually arise due to one of the following reasons:   Their email provider has sent the email to a ‘Junk’, ‘Spam’ or ‘Clutter’ folder While we work closely with email providers to ensure our emails aren’t sent here, it does still […]

Video Tutorial: Signing a document with Signable

Want to know what it’ll be like for your customers to sign using electronic signatures? Sophie takes you through: How to open a document sent to you How to sign/fill in a document Submitting a document   Signable for Dummies: How to sign a Document    

Can I sign a document before I send it to a party?

Sure – all you need to do is ensure you are set as the first signing party by following the steps below. 1. Go to the ‘New Envelope’ page 2. ‘Upload a Document’ or ‘Select a Template’ 3. Scroll down to party section and ‘add myself as a party’ this should automatically populate the fields with name and email address used for your […]

Can I disable the tooltips/tour feature that appears on the signing page?

The tooltip feature was developed after finding that some signing parties were having difficulties signing the envelopes they were sent. Tooltips help guide the party through the process, though the party can opt to skip them.   If you would rather disable the tooltips, just: 1. Head to your Settings page 2. Scroll down to the ‘Signing page […]

What signature formats do you accept? Which ones are legally binding?

  We currently support three different signatures formats. All three formats are a legally binding signature. The formats you chose to accept is completely up to you. The three formats we currently support are:   Drawn signature Typed signature Uploaded image of a signature        

How do I know a document has been legally signed? Is there a certificate?

When an envelope has been signed and submitted, the sender will receive a confirmation email with the completed document attached as a PDF, including a certificate of signature. The certificate of signature is located on the last page of the document and contains detailed information on: Each signing party Dates, times, IP addresses and fingerprints Full […]

Does an electronic signature need to match a wet ink signature?

If your signature resembles a 6-year-olds’ scribble – we have good news! When signing an envelope with an electronic signature, the actual signature (whether drawn, typed or uploaded) is purely cosmetic. From a legal point of view, it doesn’t actually matter how the signer has signed the envelope, just that they have and the process […]