What is the ‘Company Settings’ tab for?

Within Signable you’ll notice we have different tabs as you log-in, on the left hand-side. One of the tabs you’ll find is the ‘Company Settings’ tab. Here’s a quick guide to help you to understand what each section within ‘Company Settings’ is used for. Company ProfileĀ – Manage all your company info such as telephone number, […]

Can I check how many envelopes I’ve sent?

You absolutely can! With our envelope count on Library, you’re able to filter your Library search bar by Date Sent, Sent By, Status and Recipient, to check how many envelopes you’ve sent, ever!. This can be an excellent way to generate a report on how many envelopes are still in-progress or even how many envelopes […]

Where do I find the uploaded file/document from my signer?

Signable has a neat ‘upload file’ field that you can use to obtain your signer’s documents for things like driver’s licenses, passports, etc. To download these uploaded files, head to your Dashboard or Library and click into the envelope’s title. Now you’ll see the Envelope Status page. Scroll down until you see ‘Envelope Fields‘. Look […]

What can I do with the Signable App?

The Signable App (for iPad & Android tablets) allows you to:   Send out existing Templates Send out your existing Signable templates on the go – with the option to password protect your document, send automatic reminders or set an automatic envelope expiry date. Check on the progress of envelopes View the document audit log […]