Why did my envelope bounce-back/not send to my signer?

When sending envelopes out from Signable to your signers, they may sometimes bounce-back. When the envelope does bounce back, we’ll always let you know in an email with the reasons as to why. These reasons are usually due to your signer’s email server. Whilst we aren’t able to provide all bounce back reasons, we can […]

Signable Terminology: “Template”, “Document” & “Envelope”

If you’re an avid user of our Signable app, you would’ve noticed that we throw the word “envelope” around a lot in our app, the same as “template” and “document”. But what exactly do we mean by this? Here’s a quick guide to help clear things up: Envelope Probably the most-common word you’ve seen around […]

Why does my PDF document not process in Signable?

As you may know, our Signable app accepts Word, Excel and PDF documents. There are thousands of different types of PDFs that exist, so our system will always convert all PDFs into our own format that resembles a ‘standard‘ type. However, our system does not support editable PDFs, also known as form-field PDFs. This is […]

Can I send an envelope to more than one party?

You sure can! You can send an envelope to multiple parties, which can be really great for tenancy agreements, etc. How to add more parties: Head to Dashboard and go through your usual process of sending an envelope, with ‘Send Envelope’ and either select your template or upload your file. You should now be on […]

What is ‘Snap Mode’?

It can sometimes be a right pain trying to get your fields to perfectly line up with one another. With our new Snap Mode feature, things just got a whole lot easier! Once you have ‘Snap Mode’ enabled, you can easily move fields in any direction, with one flash-step at a time, making it easier […]

How do I remove the envelope password from the email?

As you may know, Signable allows you to add an extra security measure for your envelopes, by making them password-protected.This makes sure that your signers add your provided password from their email, in order to unlock the envelope to view the documents, as seen here However, if you are on a subscription plan, you will […]

What are Fields?

You’ve probably seen the term ‘fields’ scattered around our platform, but what does it mean? What are fields? Why are they important? ‘Fields’ are a term we use to describe all of the boxes that you add onto your document(s), that a party needs to add information into. Our fields include: Text box Signature Date […]

Where do I find the uploaded file/document from my signer?

Signable has a neat ‘upload file’ field that you can use to obtain your signer’s documents for things like driver’s licenses, passports, etc. To download these uploaded files, head to your Dashboard or Library and click into the envelope’s title. Now you’ll see the Envelope Status page. Scroll down until you see ‘Envelope Fields‘. Look […]

How do I edit the email of a party?

Sometimes your signers will have old email addresses or want you to send it to their work email, so we’ve got a nifty tool to edit the party’s email once your document has already been sent out. Head to your Dashboard and click into the document’s title, to be taken to the Envelope Status page. […]

How do I remove a field I have added to my document?

Added a field and unsure on how to remove it? No problem this short help article will take you through the steps of how to do this! Firstly you need to make sure you have clicked on the field you want to remove so that it is highlighted, like the below image. Once you have […]

Can I send more than one document in an envelope?

Sometimes along with a document your signers need to sign, you’ll need them to take a look at your Ts & Cs too. Well lucky for you, Signable lets you add multiple documents into an envelope! Head to Dashboard and click ‘Send Envelope’ and you’ll come to this page.If you click into the area that […]

Can I save a personal message?

Sometimes when sending an envelope you’ll want to highlight something in the automated email sent by Signable for certain sets of clients, so we’ve made sure you can store and reuse personal messages. Lazy isn’t always a bad thing!   1. When entering your party email address, name and selecting party/template roles, select advanced options and from […]

Can I get a direct URL to the signing page?

Setting up Widgets Updated your standard Terms & Conditions and need to send the new version to all of your clients to sign, individually? Signable Widgets allow you to generate a direct URL to the signing page for a saved template which you can then send to your clients via means that suit you. To […]

Can I preview my envelope before I send it?

1. Set up the envelope you want to send out via ‘New Envelope’. 2. Define the ‘Envelope Title’ and choose whether you’d like to apply any additional send options. 3.  Click the button ‘Preview’ you’ll be taken to a ‘mock’ version of the signing page (see below). This is what your signer(s) will see when […]

How to use 'dropdown menu' fields

As well as providing checkboxes for your signers to select their answers, we also have dropdown menu fields for you to make the most of, too! Dropdowns can be added to both Templates and envelopes.Once you’ve placed the dropdown field onto your document, click into it. Your field editor should then pop up. Click on […]

A signer hasn’t received the document email – Troubleshooting

Deep breath, let’s troubleshoot… Troubleshooting 1. Their email provider has sent the email to a ‘Junk’, ‘Spam’ or ‘Clutter’ folder While we work closely with email providers to ensure our emails aren’t sent here, it does still happen on occasion. Asking the signing party to check these folders is often the best place to start – […]

Can I restrict parties to selecting only one checkbox?

Checkboxes are a really simple way to ask your parties to select from multiple options – for example you may want to ask the signer to choose whether they prefer Eastenders or Coronation Street (or neither as my choice would be!); all you need to do to get the answer to this burning question is below for you. When […]

Video Tutorial: Beginner's guide to Signable

New to the exciting world of electronic signatures and need a little guidance? Watch the video below for the dummies guide to sending your first document… Formatting & adding your document to send your first envelope How to add parties How to add fields Where to view your envelopes  

Can parties sign the envelope in a certain order?

They most certainly can! We often find that our customers want to ensure a certain section of their document is completed by one party before it arrives in the inbox of another – so when sending a document to multiple parties, just ensure you’ve added to party details in the order you’d like the envelope sent! Simply […]

Can I copy a party in to an envelope, without having them sign anything?

Sure – when uploading and sending a document, you now have the option to differentiate between parties you’d like to sign the envelope, and parties you’d like to just get a copy. How to add a party as a copy-only: Go through the usual Send Envelope process, until you get to the step where you […]

Can I request more detail than just a party’s signature?

Yes, as well as being able to allow your parties to sign your documents, you can also prompt them for additional information. All of the fields can be set as optional or required, allowing you to build more complex forms, and in turn, enabling you to send a wider range of documents for signature via your […]

Which file formats do you accept when I upload new documents or templates?

We currently accept a few file formats when uploading a document, either as a new envelope or as a template. While we do support the formats below, we always recommend uploading web-optimised PDF files as we find these are the most consistent and we experience very few formatting issues with these. Please also be aware that we currently […]

When adding signing fields, how do I customise them?

Want to make sure your client doesn’t breeze past the ‘Contact phone number’ section of your form? We’ve got you covered! When you drag a new field onto either a new envelope or new template, a ‘Configure Field’ popup box will appear (as shown in the image below), giving you some options to configure the field according to your […]

How do I resend an envelope/send a reminder?

Even though Signable has been designed to be as easy as possible for signers to use, sometimes they do need a gentle poke (or a reminder!). The best part? You can send them in multiple ways! From the Dashboard or Library, click into the envelope’s title, to be taken into the Envelope Status page. Look to the […]

Is there a way to automatically expire an envelope after a period of time?

Yep! We’ve made sure you can determine how long a party has to sign an envelope before it automatically expires, saving you from; a) spending time expiring the envelope yourself and b) having to actually remember to do it.   1. Select an existing envelope in ‘Library’. 2. Click on the envelope title, and choose ‘Expiry settings’ on […]

What are Signable Tags?

Signable Tags are our way of allowing you to add text tags to your document before uploading it to Signable. We will then automatically grab these tags and replace them with the relevant field (signature, date, text or checkbox). *Scroll down for instructions One thing to remember when adding Tags to your document, is to […]

Can a party download a PDF copy of the document before signing?

In short – yes, you’ll just need to ensure PDF attachment is enabled. Understandably, some parties may want to retain a copy of the document prior to signing – we disable downloadable PDF copies on the signing page by default because we found that some individuals are confused by the attachment and would attempt to […]

How do I send out a template that I have already setup?

1. When logged into your account, click ‘New Envelope’. 2. Click ‘Select a template’ and choose one of your saved templates 3. Click ‘advanced options’ for password protect options & personal messages ‘Password protect document’ This will require the parties to enter a password before they are able to sign the document. The password is unique for each […]

How do I enter details on my document before I send it?

If you’re a visual learner – check out our video tutorial on using pre-fillable fields here! Uploading a unique document for each client is a bit of a pain, especially when your documents are exactly the same, save for a tiny piece of data like a price or a company name. Using ‘Prefill Type’ allows […]

Adding 'file upload' fields to my document

You can add ‘File upload’ fields to any template or document by simply dragging this from the right side toolbar onto your document. These fields can be placed anywhere in your document and behave exactly the same as any other field. To make it easier for your signers, you may want to add some text to […]

Can I send an envelope to multiple parties?

Yep, no problem! Just follow the steps below: 1. Click on the ‘New Envelope’ button 2. ‘Select a Template’ and/or ‘Upload a document’ and click next step 3. Scroll down to the add parties section 4. Enter the first party’s email and name and any additional information 4. Click ‘Add a new party (+ icon)’ and fill in the second party’s […]

Can I password protect envelopes when they get sent out?

Yup!  You can now add passwords to your envelope to add an extra layer of security.You can set a custom password that will be sent out in the same email requesting the party to sign the contract. How to add a password: Click ‘New Envelope’ and go through the process until you’re at Step 2, […]