Recovering account details for your Users

Uh oh, one of your colleagues have locked themselves out? Fear not! As a Super Admin, you have full access to the account (Not sure if you are a Super Admin? Check if you can see the Company Settings tab on the left of the page when logged in. If so, you’re a Super Admin) […]

2FA & You: Enabling, Disabling and Recovery

In order to enable 2FA for your personal Signable log-in, you’ll need to navigate to My Profile whilst logged into Signable. You’ll see your profile information and below that will be the Security sub-section. Clicking Enable will enable 2FA for your individual login! Once you click Enable, you’ll be asked to link your 2FA enabled […]

Enabling/Disabling 2FA – Full Account

From your dashboard, you’ll need to go to Company Settings, from here, click the Security tab. It’ll look something like this: From here, simply click the toggle that will say ‘Disabled’ and hey-presto, you’re 2FA Enabled! The next time you log out of the account, you and any of your users, will be prompted to […]

2FA on Signable: How-To Hub

Welcome, my security-conscious compatriot! You’re looking for info on 2FA for Signable? Then look no further! As the digital age treks on and businesses become more and more concerned with finding robust solutions to their security challenges, features like this become all but essential! Much like many aspects of Signable, our 2FA tool is flexible, […]

Two-Factor Authentication & Signable

All About AuthenticationYou’ve got your envelopes locked up tight – that’s great! But in today’s landscape of the super-savvy techno hacker, all it takes is a password that’s a little ‘password123’ to take your personal data and make it EVERYONE’S data. Never fear though, that’s where two-factor and multi-factor authentication (2FA and MFA for short) […]

What if I need a witness for my signed document?

The first thing to consider is this; do you legally need to have a signature witness to ensure your document is legally binding? In many cases (with the exclusion of documents signed as a deed), you’ll find the answer is “No”. Oftentimes, a ‘Witness’ in traditional terms isn’t legally required to validate a document and […]

Uh oh. How do I reset my password?

Nowadays, we often find ourselves trying to remember 578936793 passwords, so there’s absolutely no shame in forgetting one every now and again! Luckily, you can easily reset your Signable password:    1. Make sure you’re logging in using the correct email address – often accounts are set up using an email rather than […]

Where is my data stored?

In accordance with Signable’s registration with ICO as a ‘Data Controller’, and by the ICO Data Protection Act, all data is securely stored for a minimum of 5 years, within Europe. Our main infrastructure is hosted in the Amazon AWS data centre in London. The Amazon AWS data centre itself is used by a number of prominent Internet-driven […]

My company details have changed, how do I update my account?

To do this, just log in to your Signable account and head to ‘Company Settings’ on the menu bar. Under ‘Company Profile’ tab you’ll find all your information. Here, you can update the following: Company name Company email VAT number Accounting email (where all correspondence regarding invoices, failed payment attempts, payment method confirmations and plan […]

What signature formats do you accept? Which ones are legally binding?

We currently support three different signatures formats. All three formats are a legally binding signature. The formats you chose to accept is completely up to you. The three formats we currently support are: Drawn signature Typed signature Uploaded image of a signature Back to main site

How do I know a document has been legally signed? Is there a certificate?

When an envelope has been signed and submitted, the sender will receive a confirmation email with the completed document attached as a PDF, including a certificate of signature. The certificate of signature is located on the last page of the document and contains detailed information on: Each signing party Dates, times, IP addresses and fingerprints Full […]

Does an electronic signature need to match a wet ink signature?

Your electronic signature doesn’t need to match your handrawn one. When signing an envelope with an electronic signature, the actual signature (whether drawn, typed or uploaded) is purely cosmetic. From a legal point of view, it doesn’t actually matter how the signer has signed the envelope, just that they have and the process has been […]

Can I password protect envelopes when they get sent out?

Yup!  You can now add passwords to your envelope to add an extra layer of security.You can set a custom password that will be sent out in the same email requesting the party to sign the contract. How to add a password: Click ‘New Envelope’ and go through the process until you’re at Step 2, […]