How do I remove the envelope password from the email?

As you may know, Signable allows you to add an extra security measure for your envelopes, by making them password-protected.This makes sure that your signers add your provided password from their email, in order to unlock the envelope to view the documents, as seen here However, if you are on a subscription plan, you will […]

What is the 'Branded Emails & Signing' feature?

Put simply, this feature allows you to:         You can also make adjustments to the wording and appearance of the automated Signable emails your parties receive,  ensuring they’re reflecting your business’s identity and communication style. You can edit both the HTML and plain text versions for almost every automated email sent via Signable. You’ll […]

Video Tutorial: Adding your Branding to your Account

Want to ‘pretty up’ the page your signers see when they sign a document? Sophie takes you through: How to add your company logo to the signing page & emails How to customise the colour scheme of the signing page & emails Signable for Dummies: Adding your Branding  

Simplified: Adding your logo to email templates

Wanting your clients to see your company’s sleek logo on the emails sent out to them, as well as on their envelope signing page instead of Signable’s? Say no more! Head to Branding, on the left hand-side panel. You should now see Signable’s logo under the ‘Logo’ section. Simply click the ‘Upload’ button and select […]

Can I change the colour of the signing page to match my company branding?

While we’re big fans of blue, we understand you might want to make sure the signing page is aligned with your branding, rather than ours. How to change your Brand colour: Head to Branding on the left-hand side panel. Once on Branding, click the ‘Edit’ box , as highlighted above. From here, click the box […]

Can I customise the emails that go out to my contacts?

Yes, you can! You can customise every email that goes out to your contacts.  We give you full access to the email content itself so you can make the emails your own. If you can craft a beautiful email in HTML, fantastic! If not, don’t worry, our fully responsive email templates allow you to make […]